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Web Hosting Review: InterServer

Before kicking off your journey in building a professional website, one of the toughest decisions you will have to make is the choice of a web hosting services partner. Oftentimes, many factors can influence such a decision, but sticking to a hosting service that best meets your underlined requirements is considered best. 

Settling for the right web host provider is no doubt a daunting task. Choosing the right web hosting services provider is a very important process to achieve the best responsive experience on your website. 

Your choice of a web host provider depends mainly on the website’s needs, your target audience, where they’re located and what kind of content you are planning on hosting to deliver to your target audience. For example, if one is aiming to publish a news blog or an online magazine they would require less complex services compared to someone who is planning to launch a website where you publish high quality videos to render on your website. The latter brings in added complexities such as utilization of Content Delivery Networks (CDN),  Availability Zones etc to meet your website requirements. 

Making a choice can be super confusing especially when presented with a myriad of options to choose from. In this review, we will be narrowing our focus to InterServer web hosting service with an extensive view of some of the various services offered by InterServer. Whether you’re looking at a standard C-panel hosting or rolling out an Ecommerce platform, we got you covered. 

The choice to review InterServer is based on the reputation score they have amassed for the past decades they have been in existence: their ease-of-access, security, and reliability of the network. Let’s jump in to find out more.

Web Hosting Review: InterServer

InterServer Web Hosting

InterServer is one of the earliest web hosting providers that has been around for a couple of decades now. Since 1999, InterServer has been providing services to an increasing global market making it 21 years of quality service delivery to-date. InterServer is uniquely identified among its competitors for offering an all-in-one service experience for its users. In addition to the shared hosting services offered by InterServer, they also provide cloud hosting and quick servers.

Additionally, they offer colocation services to customers who will rather prefer to take ownership of their physical infrastructure. InterServer provides a wide range of server plans which comes with an extensive suite of features intended to aid the creation and maintenance of a website swiftly. 

The notable hosting server is built for customer satisfaction. The company’s four data centers are all hosted in the United States, as such American users can experience greater speed and obvious service satisfaction. 

InterServer has amassed a solid reputation for themselves in the past years which has attracted high profile clients, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Today, Interserver is a household name that stands out whenever web hosting services are mentioned. 

Top Features Of InterServer

State-of-the-art Security Architecture

Security will be your top priority if you are keen on securing every piece of information that goes into your website. With the millions of malicious files on the internet, security is a very important feature. InterServer provides everything you need to build an ironclad secured website, from providing resources necessary to fully understand website security features, to giving you the right tools to get things going. 

The Server InterShield Security Firewall utilizes machine learning to provide top security for clients, consequently blocking and shielding against malicious attackers. This feature is available across all plans by default. 

To ensure a 2 layer security protocol, users are exposed to ModSecurity tools which provide another layer of firewall defenses together with InterSheild and constantly scan hosting drives for suspicious or malicious files. 

Unlimited Domains and Websites

One of the frequently encountered challenges is the limit to the number of domains and websites that can be created by a given hosting service. Being faced with this dilemma, you will likely be constrained if you were to create another small website in subdomains or a separate website.

In more difficult scenarios, you might not have full access to the databases required to install WordPress content. InterServer is uniquely positioned in its service delivery as they decouple this barrier, providing users with unlimited domains on websites. With these features, users can conveniently have all their websites and subdomains under one server, making it easy to build and more so for maintenance. 

Users can also own and operate a large number of databases as they want. The domain manager makes it possible to add, remove, and manage extra domains separately, making it possible to run independent websites. Additionally, InterServer is greatly designed for ease-of-access, making it easy for users to conveniently navigate through databases frictionlessly. There’s always the provision to get assistance via our administrators available 24×7 to pass off some of the routine tasks such as scheduling backups, OS installations, patch upgrades for network and security protocols.  

Top Speed of Up To 522 ms

Next to security, speed should rank the highest among the features to look out for when selecting a hosting service. You are more likely to record a high bounce rate if your website loads slowly as visitors will find it hard navigating further, consequently they will leave after visiting the first page. 

InterServer has got you covered, when it comes to network speed! With an average speed of 522 ms, InterServer provides the highest speeds for website owners, giving that ecstatic experience. 

InterServer understands the importance of high-speed internet, as such, they have been keen on improving the speed of their server each month. From data obtained, the website speed currently sits at 522 ms, against 494 ms recorded in November 2019 demonstrating proof of continuous growth and higher customer satisfaction. 

Free Email Services

Having a custom email account is as important a step in the branding process of your products and services or even when it comes to integrating with a proper CRM for lead generation. Getting a hosting service that provides an in-house email service is advantageous to rely on third-party email providers like Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) for email services. 

One of the additional features users of InterServer are ultimately enjoying is free email services. InterServer provides free accounts for all hosted accounts, enabling businesses to set up professional corporate email to help keep in touch with already existing and potential customers. 

Top Customer Service: 24/7 Live Chat Support

InterServer values its client, as such they boast of one of the best customer services. Communication is the lifeblood of any venture and an important one at that, it’s instrumental in achieving customer satisfaction. 

Customer reps at InterServer respond to users’ queries in less than 5 minutes, getting issues resolved in the fastest possible time. In addition to Live Chat, users can also receive help by visiting InterServers’ knowledge base or reaching out to the phone support, ticketing, and email option.

Unlimited Storage Space

With InterServer, you probably won’t have to bother about storage size as each plan comes with an unlimited SSD storage space to meet everyday online needs. You will be less concerned about limiting file size or the amount of information you will be taking online.  This is a big advantage for resourceful websites that collate and store large data or information on a daily basis.

Should You Consider InterServer?

Based on their reliable track record and user experience, Interserver is known to parade a robust security architecture which makes it a top destination for big business names across the globe. Their top of the line security standards,superior customer service, easy to use interface and high-speed website load-time makes it a preferred and suitable choice for all kinds of websites.

Ultimately, you will most likely want to stick with a web hosting company that offers unlimited storage space as well as flexibility when it comes to managing subdomains in your website. Especially if your business or corporation is looking out for some robust expansion in the near future.