A more decentralized environmentDelta has successfully migrated to Sushiswap!We always put importance on decentralization and censorship resistant environments. Migrating to Sushiswap will allow us to continue innovating and bringing new technology to DeFi, without the worry of censorship.We moved all our liquidity, a total of 3,785.78 ETH and 1,803,521.36 DELTA, to Sushiswap.You can find the details of the transaction here:https://etherscan.io/tx/0x28048430408a07e8e7fce2dbb12993a037478304c7935e0b44e677a09f707a68What happens to my rLP & Delta?Nothing. Our liquidity moved to Sushiswap seamlessly. You do not have to do anything to participate in the migration. From now on you can trade Delta on Sushiswap.rLP and Delta tokens which are staked in the Deep Farming Vault will not be affected by this migration either, they will continue to farm yield for you.Since rLP tokens are wrapped liquidity tokens, we were able to seamlessly migrate the underlying LP tokens to SushiSwap LP tokens.What happens next?Our ETH/DELTA liquidity pool has moved to Sushiswap. From now on you can trade the Delta token on exchange.sushi.com.Sushiswap Pair address: 0x1498bd576454159bb81b5ce532692a8752d163e8The pool info can be found here: analytics.sushi.comYou can monitor the Delta price on dextools:https://www.dextools.io/app/sushiswap/pair-explorer/0x1498bd576454159bb81b5ce532692a8752d163e8The SushiSwap team has been very welcoming and was quick to form a migration plan with us. We are looking forward to further collaborations and are excited to have found a more aligned environment which does not shy away from unique ideas and code.💬 Join Us!delta.financialJoin the discussion:Telegram: https://t.me/Delta_FinancialFollow Us on Social Media:Twitter: https://twitter.com/Delta_TokenInterested in joining a competitive team?We are currently recruiting developers to help build Delta and coreDEX. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to @0xdec4f on Twitter.Delta Migration to SushiSwap was originally published in Delta Financial on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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