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Top Industry Fund Managers Think Bitcoin Could Hit $100,000 This Cycle

jan huber IcI8qvAkYNQ unsplash
Bitcoin has exploded nearly 100% higher in the past six weeks, rallying from the $11,000 range to $19,200 as of this article’s writing Speaking to the Canadian news outlet Globe and Mail, the CIO of Off the Chain Capital said that he thinks Bitcoin rally 500% from here. That would mean BTC moves to $100,000 in this market cycle, which is a sentiment shared by many. Bitcoin Could Hit $100,000 Bitcoin has exploded nearly 100%
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Here’s The Modern Solution For Energy And Cost Efficient Crypto Mining

Bitcoin has brought attention back to the crypto space but has now become so expensive and its network so overly congested with participants that mining it is no longer as lucrative as it used to be. Only the largest companies with access to cheap energy prices can find success mining BTC. But that doesn’t make cryptocurrency mining entirely unprofitable. In fact, a new custom VIM3-ME based miner board designed for cost efficiency could optimize revenue
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