Proposal 29 is approved, amendment of Part C is pendingPart C’s AmendmentRecently, the PowerPool community voted to approve Proposal 29. However, this proposal triggered a lot of discussions on the forum, especially regarding Part C (rules for future management of testers’ allocations).A group of Beta/Gamma testers made public and private statements regarding the necessity to change the proposal. As a result, the Management Board collaborated with LordDurden and Alex Kruger, both testers, to come up with new allocation management rules for Part C.Updated proposition for Part C:Set-up allocation management rules and limit Management Board actions to: changing vesting rules of individual testers, burning unvested token of individual testers.All allocation change proposals have to be verified and executed by the PowerPool Core team. For every tester allocation, the mentioned actions can be made during the first 4 months after vesting starts.What this means:(1) For prolonging vesting/slashing, the team verifies every decision personally, taking into account all contributions (off-chain and on-chain). MB won’t have any technical capability to change the allocations. Only the Powerpool Core team will be able to do this as they control the contract.(2) Changes in testers’ allocations can be done only within 4 months since the launch of a new vesting contractWe appreciate the valuable input provided by the testers and are extremely grateful for all active testers (there are many of them). We hope that there will be no reason to slash anyone in the future.Next steps & RoadmapWith Proposal 29’s approval (Part A and B) we burned the CVP tokens in the old contract. Technically, their vesting is infinitely prolonged and there’s no possibility to retrieve them, so the community can consider them as irreversibly burnt.No need to worry — addresses of all testers (besides those who were slashed) will be included into the new contract and have 50,000 CVP there.The estimated timeline for launching a new contract including security audits is approximately two weeks.Finally, the next step is for the Community to vote on the newly amended Part C of Proposal 29!Update on Proposal 29 was originally published in PowerPool on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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