Financial & asset trading is an age-long engagement, it’s basically the buying and selling of financial assets in various shades using automated tools and technology. ZuluTrade is one of the multi-task trading platforms offering a plethora of copy trading options in forex, indices, cryptocurrencies stocks & cryptocurrencies market. 

Copy trading is basically a process in which traders copy trades of experienced professional traders within the financial markets so as to achieve the same results in trading. ZuluTrade provides a complete automation of these processes accompanied by modalities for feedback and knowledge sharing. As of today,  ZuluTrade has garnered over a million traders with a trading volume of over $800 billion.

Zulutrade Review

ZuluTrade Background History

Zulutrade Review

This history is coming on the heels of overwhelming requests by Zulu enthusiasts within the financial space. Zulu Trade was founded sometime in 2007 by Leon Yohai and Kosta Eleftheriou. The sole aim was to build a trading platform that seamlessly allows copy trading, in 2009 the company already had over 4,500 expert traders providing signals and copy trading portfolios. Zulu trade in 2014 added features like Zulu Guard and customer support with, it then proceeded to secure a partnership with SpotOption to create binary trading options. Zulu trade made very remarkable achievements in 2015 that eventually earned it an award (EU portfolio management license) from the European Union, this brought Zulu trade to the global scene, everyone saw its legitimacy and opportunities. 

Meet the Zulu Trading Platform

When it comes to trading on the Zulu trade platform the success of a trader hinges on his ability to spot & copy trades of expert traders in the platform. Zulu trade platform is not a ponzi scheming platform for people with an imaginary ’get rich quick’ mentality, it’s possible to see an expert trader trading & making million this week and then start losing next week but it doesn’t in any way demean the lucrativeness of Zulu trade platform, all you need to do as a trader is to do your research and find at least two  or three really good expert traders with requisite years of experience (4 or 5 years). 

Zulutrade Review

      The trading platform comprises options for trading binary options, forex, stocks and  cherished commodities like oil & indices like NASDAQ. You get the opportunity to trade these options using trading strategies of expert traders. 

The platform is stratified into two parts: 

(Part A) Signal providers: They are expert traders sharing their strategies with followers and then compensations that are dependent on the success of their strategies.  

(Part B) Followers: they may not necessarily be expert traders but they can copy strategies of expert traders and portfolio (strategies) of other followers who may have attained some levels of breakthrough while trading. 

Due to the long-standing commitment and unfretted customer support service Zulu trade has got BrokerNotes triple AAA support rating.

Features of Zulu Trading Platform: 

(1) Spreads & Commissions

Traders are mostly on the look out for this aspect because it determines their takeaway-profits while trading. The broker charges commission for every trade in addition to already existing normal spread but traders’ accounts linked to Zulu trade platform will be charged zero commission by Zulu indigenous broker’s (AAAFx). 

Spread percentage or rates (difference between buy & sell price) are given by different brokers; however the type of currency pair and time of trades too can influence the spread i.e spreads increase when there is a high market volatility and reduces when there is low market volatility. 

(2) Leverage: 

Zulutrade Review

As an experienced futures traders in centralized crypto exchanges I really find it very amusing that Zulu trade offers unique modalities in it’s leverage trading. The truth is that leverage has the potential to increase earnings as well as reduce earnings; however, it’s always important to know that using higher leverages (1:1000) implies lower margin, which will increase the margin level and the free margin, although this can lead to overtrading, account drawdown & eventual stop out. So you manage this risk better when you trade using 1:100 leverage.

(3) Trading Fees: 

Every trading platform has its trading fees and Zulu trading platform is not an exception, there is need for you to be aware of the additional cost that comes with trading on Zulu platform, fees charged  are dependent on the traded  currency pair, although this fees are not stagnant they cut into profit from time to time and intraday traders do not pay  these fees.There aren’t any other additional cost aside the above mentioned, even the expert traders you copy get paid directly by Zulu trade from the trade commission. There is a need for you to also know that Zulu trade offers a lot in terms of deposit bonus and promotions and so visiting Zulu trade websites from time to time will give you advantage and access to such mouth-watering opportunities.

(4) Minimum & Initial Deposits:

Zulu Trade understands the current global crash crunch and so it has a relatively low minimum deposit requirement. The minimum deposit required by brokers within the Zulu trade platform ranges from $1, £210, $300, 300 AUD, €250 to 25,000 JPY respectively.

(5) Countries that can use Zulu trade: 

Zulutrade Review

Zulu Trade platform is not just growing in it’s value propositions but it’s also growing in geographical coverage. Zulu accepts traders from the United kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, Italy, Qatar, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Kuwait and so many other countries. 

Zulu Trade platform managers understand the competitors and copycats within the trading space and so it’s necessary that you know some of the pros of Zulu trade. 

Pros of Using the Zulu Trade Platform

Zulutrade Review

(1) User-friendly trading interface that can be set-up within a very short time. 

(2) Ability to choose internal or external broker: Zulu trade has it’s own indigenous broker (AAAFX) that charges very minimal commission fees  but you can also choose another external broker to trade with. 

(3) Wide variety of traders: because it’s all about copy trading, you need alot of expert traders to follow and make the best of choice, so you can follow 5-10 traders or even more but it’s always advisable to follow numbers that you’re fully comfortable with because following 20 to 40 traders can make you become susceptible to low quality traders. 

(4) Trade with different assets: Zulu trade is multi-tasking  because you can trade on different currencies including cryptocurrencies and even commodities. 

(5) ZuluRank is one unique feature that ranks expert traders so that followers can easily spot ideal traders & make their choices. 

(6) Signal providers have different ways of earning. 

(7) The social trading features provide an opportunity to engage other traders, it makes knowledge sharing easy. 

(8) Dedicated crypto copy trading service provides an excellent opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to rake in profits. 

Cons of Zulu Trade

Following are some of the cons of Zulu Trade Platform.

(1) Has few means of payments.

(2) Becoming a signal provider can be very difficult. 

(3) Zulu rank algorithm is still not very accurate with ranking expert traders. 

(4) The social trading features are still very basic. 

(5) The use, availability  & choice of crypto-assets is determined by the brokers choice not by Zulu trade platform.


Having said all these, I can confidently say that offers mind boggling trading options for all shades of traders (experienced and inexperienced). It’s user base is growing at the speed of light, even though it has a user-friendly trading platform, it’s better, cheaper and more beneficial to trade with it’s indigenous broker (AAAFx). Profit trading is easy when you have the skills and the right platform to hone your skills, Zulu trade platform ensures that profitability is certain and transparent.