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Developers: Balancer V2 Smart Contracts Are Now Live

Balancer Protocol welcomes its next chapter: V2 smart contracts are public and open source.The leading protocol for generalized AMMs is excited to roll out its biggest upgrade to date, offering the tooling necessary for anyone to leverage capital efficiency in new and creative ways.Balancer v2: Generalizing AMMsHere’s what you need to know about today’s developer launch.TL;DRBalancer V2 […]

A $1.45 billion Bitcoin fund is soon listing on NASDAQ Dubai

3IQ Corp, the company behind a $1.45 billion Bitcoin Fund listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), is gearing up to list it on Nasdaq Dubai, local outlet The National reported today. The post A $1.45 billion Bitcoin fund is soon listing on NASDAQ Dubai appeared first on CryptoSlate. Read More

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