RebrandingDuring our plans of introducing a new brand style, we were able to outline and start fixing the holes in our current format, especially regarding communication, delivery and marketing.Therefore, we have planned and started implementing a new brand for Value DeFi. Outside of this rebranding, we plan to move all products under one domain:, e.g to assist with communication. We also plan to reorganize our Knowledge Base by first renaming it to Documentation, then moving all infographics, resources, whitepaper, and any other FAQ or development under this new page. Once again correcting delivery and communication.vSwapIntroducing our flagship product vSwap, previously known as Value Liquid. vSwap is an automated liquidity marketplace, serving as a decentralised exchange and yield-farming platform. vSwap has the ability to launch pools, and swap most tokens with reduced liquidity by ‘borrowing’ from other Dex’s such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and PancakeSwap.vSafeIntroducing vSafe, the previously known as Value Vaults. Vaults are another core piece of our ecosystem. Instead of users wasting time searching for the highest profit for their assets, stake your tokens in our vaults and let us do the hard work for you. We search for the safest and highest rewards for our users.vGovernanceIntroducing vGovernance, representing the Governance Vault and Voting system. While VALUE is our governance token, users will now stake with vGovernance to receive emissions, profit-share and to vote on important decisions.vFarmsIntroducing vFarms, technically known as Farms-as-a-service (FaaS). FaaS technology allows any project to easily create yield-farming pools to safely distribute their tokens. We now wish to brand all FaaS pools as vFarms, for marketing and user experience purposes. FaaS will remain the name of the system. An example: “A new project, Value DeFi, used the FaaS platform to create their first vFarm.”vTokensvTokens are Value DeFi’s newly developed synthetic cross-chain algorithmic tokens. vTokens, in theory, can be developed on Ethereum, Binance and Polkadot while being pegged to any other token thanks to the support of Chainlink and their services. Our current vTokens include: vUSD and vETH, with plans of vBTC, vDOT, and vBNB.ExpansionValue DeFi Expands to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)Although Value DeFi still plans to deploy onto Polkadot in the future, we have decided to expand to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for a more immediate use. Users will be able to take advantage of cheaper fees and the overall enthusiasm around BSC with the current ETH scalability issues.The first phase of our BSC expansion is a bridge for the Governance Vault ownership token — gvVALUE — which users can use to farm additional rewards on top of their accruing VALUE rewards on ETH.If you haven’t used Binance Smart Chain (BSC) before, you will need to get your wallet setup so it connects to the BSC network. If you are using MetaMask, make sure to go through the following tutorial so you can get your wallet setup and ready to go — Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart ChainIf you’re interested in taking part in Value DeFi’s BSC, we strongly recommend you go through the following guide — vBSWAPvBSWAP is a new deflationary farming token for the Value DeFi ecosystem. vBSWAP has been built and deployed on BSC with a 100K Total Supply distributed over 2 years of farming. Emissions will reduce by 10% every 4 weeks. Additionally, some profit from vSafe, vSwap and vPegSwap trading fees on BSC will be used to buyback vBSWAP to be burned, reducing the total supply overtime.Introducing vPegSwapvPegSwap is a Solidity implementation of Curve’s StableSwap. For more information on StableSwap: summary, StableSwap is a fully automated market maker for tightly pegged assets or stablecoins. Examples including; WBTC, renBTC, tBTC. The purpose of vPegSwap is to allow users to exchange between applicable tokens with very minimal price slippage.First pools to be launched for vSwap:Since vSwap will now be used across both Ethereum and Binance chains, we require additional liquidity. These pools will be incentivised with vBSWAP. However, vSwap is actually capable of borrowing liquidity from UniSwap, SushiSwap, and now PancakeSwap for reduced slippage and increased token support.First pools to be launched for vPegSwap:Note: vPegSwap will be released later this week, estimated 25th Feburary.vPegSwap will be launched on BSC first due to the reduced fees. To bootstrap liquidity on this new platform, we will have 2 new incentivised pools:DAI/BUSD/USDT/USDC and vUSD-B/DAI.Common Questions about Expanding to BSCWhat are the benefits of holding the VALUE token on the Ethereum Mainnet network? Some are assuming that the VALUE token will be abandoned now that vBSWAP is being created.VALUE will always be a governance and profit receiving token of the whole ecosystem if staked in vGov. With the new farming token on BSC, gvVALUE holders will get extra rewards at BSC if they choose to bridge their gvVALUE to BSC and stake in gvVALUE-B/BUSD 98/2 pool (there will be more chains in the future).What do I need to do with my VALUE tokens that are staked in vGov? Is it OK to leave them in the vGov?If you have VALUE but aren’t staking in the vGov and you would like to participate in the BSC expansion, you will need to stake your VALUE in the vGov to receive gvVALUE.For most users who have been staking since 2020 will need to ‘unlock’ their gVVALUE. Go here to unlock your gvVALUE from the old contract.There will be a bridge from ETH to BSC to move gvVALUE and vUSD over. gvVALUE will be bridged at 1:1 peg to gvVALUE-B before we roll out our BSC ecosystem. It’s cheap because it’s just a transfer transaction.vBSWAP is a completely new token not directly related to my VALUE/gvVALUE-B ?vBSWAP is a profit share token of ValueDeFi at BSC. Farmers get vBSWAP as incentive, vBSWAP holders get farmers’ profit as buyback and burn. vBSWAP holders can control the profit sharing rate and decide on the % of swap fee from vSwap that goes to buy back vBSWAP. Max supply of vBSWAP will be 100000 that will be distributed over 104 weeks with reduction in emission by 10% every 4 weeks (e.g. in first 4 weeks total of 10600 vBSWAP tokens will be distributed, for next 4 weeks 9540 vBSWAP etc..)So my gvVALUE will be on BSC to farm another token while I still receive my rewards in Gov Vault? Surely my money can’t be used in 2 places at once?All benefits stay and you get additional rewards from BSC.gvVALUE is a token that represents your share in vGov, as long as you hold gvVALUE (or gvVALUE-b) you are receiving profit from Value ETH Ecosystem and by bridging over to BSC you will be able to receive additional rewards (vBSWAP tokens) from BSC if you choose to stake it in 98/2 gvVALUE-b/BUSD pool.Where can I learn more about BSC?For those of you who are new to BSC, we recommend the following online resources: and Expansion was originally published in ValueDeFi on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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