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Bonded Finance Targets $50B in Dormant Altcoin Capital

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The marquee asset of cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. The mildly informed have heard of Ethereum and maybe Ripple with it’s token XRP, but there are actually some 6000 listed cryptocurrency/blockchain projects with more showing up every day. As a new asset class, it is not without growing pains, and chief among them is liquidity. Wall Street has long decried the barriers to entry in crypto overall but has now, grudgingly perhaps, come to embrace Bitcoin and
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Analyst: Bitcoin Likely to Sweep Its Highs as Bears Face Mass Liquidation

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Bitcoin has been stable below $19,000 for the past few days, with each visit to this level sparking relatively strong pullbacks Where the crypto trends in the near-term will depend largely on whether or not bulls can take control of its price action and push it past $19,000 The selling pressure here is significant and may continue hampering its growth over the coming few hours and even days Meanwhile, Ethereum and other altcoins have been
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2017-era altcoins IOTA, XRP and more surge 25% amid crypto bull run

Uncharacteristically, decentralized finance (DeFi) coins such as’s YFI and AAVE have been on the sidelines over the past 24 hours as Ethereum surges higher along with a swath of other altcoins.
The post 2017-era altcoins IOTA, XRP and more surge 25% amid crypto bull run appeared first on CryptoSlate.
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Bitcoin Reaches a Critical Junction; What Analysts are Watching For

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It has been a wild past few weeks for Bitcoin and the crypto market, with the benchmark cryptocurrency posting massive gains while the rest of the market also shows continuous signs of strength Altcoins are beginning to take the spotlight as BTC’s rally begins stalling, with the selling pressure at $19,000 slowing its ascent while Ethereum and smaller altcoins all rocket higher Where BTC trends in the near-term will depend entirely on its continued reaction
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Analyst: Ethereum Likely to Target $555 as Bulls Shatter Key Level

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Ethereum has rocketed past $500, with its ongoing upswing coming about as investors begin pouring capital into altcoins while BTC pushes towards its all-time highs This momentum is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon Whether or not bulls can close its price above this level during tonight’s daily close will provide some insight into its mid-term outlook This surge has created a tailwind for altcoins, with many posting massive gains as the DeFi
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Bitcoin Sees “Longest and Most Stable” Rally Ever as Bulls Clock 73% in 73 days

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Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market are pushing higher today, with BTC breaking above $17,000 while Ethereum helps lead altcoins higher as well The benchmark cryptocurrency hasn’t seen much selling pressure at this level, despite it long being viewed as resistance It has struggled to break above this level a few times, but the selling pressure here has not catalyzed any sharp selloff Where it trends next will depend largely on whether or not it
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